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Create your own personalized course materials utilizing our extensive catalog of texts, cases, labs, and readings.


Easily navigate by subject, title, author, or keyword. Use selected material from different Cengage sources to engage your students. You can also upload your own material to further customize your learning solution.


Preview material at any time to make certain it matches your course needs.


Share your customized selections with other faculty members with a simple link. It's an easy way to collaborate, or to give them a head start on their own course material.


Choose to offer a traditional print and/or an e-book solution for your students. Design your own cover by choosing from thousands of images and utilizing one of our cover templates. ISBNs are automatically generated for your convenience.


Your finished product is generally available within 2 weeks of a bookstore order. We can even create a direct-to-student purchasing link that is specific for your course, thereby ensuring that students know exactly where to go.


Cengage prides itself on the highest level of customer support. Let us help you build your solution for you, introduce you to additional digital options, or simply assist with pricing and delivery questions.

Creating a Cover

There are 12 cover templates with which to create your own unique cover. Each template has 6 color variations and there are over 2,400 images to choose from in our image bank. There is also the option to upload your own image.

Select a Cover

After you've selected all of your content you'll have the option to create a cover for your project. Click the Edit cover link to be re-directed to the cover gallery.

View Cover Templates

Compose has 12 standard templates, each with six different color options. Use the drop-down menu and checkboxes to choose your cover color and font selections.

Changing a Cover Image

If you don't like the image in a cover template (front or back cover) you can changed it using the +Add Image link. A pop-up window will appear for the image bank. You can upload your own image or browse the galleries based on subject type. Select the image and click “ADD” to see it in your cover template.

Adding Text to Your Cover

Click on the Title field and a pop-up box will appear where you can populate the text that should appear on your cover. Enter the text, click APPLY, and the template will update with your information.

Saving Your Cover

Select PREVIEW to see what your cover will look like. When you’re done making your cover selections click the save button. A thumbnail image of your front cover will appear on your order details screen.

Searching for Content

How do I start searching for content in Compose?

Enter a keyword, author, or ISBN into the search box on the main page.

How do I undo my search and start over?

Please click the button “Reset for New Search” in the search panel.

I found the book I'm looking for; how do I look at the individual chapters?

Click the title of the book or the “See all chapters from this book” link.

Can I just browse until I find something?

Yes. You can browse using keyword searches or by using the “Browse Site” section. Click on the sections to expand or hide your browsing options.

How can I preview content to make sure it’s what I’m looking for?

Click the eyeglasses icon and a preview of the chapter will appear.

I’m looking for Signature Labs. How do I find them?

Expand the Content Type section under “Browse Site” and click on Signature Labs. Once you are in Signature Labs you will see more ‘filters’ appear in the search panel. Those ‘filters’ are specific to Signature Labs. You can also search for labs by author, ISBN, or keyword using the search box.

Can I still get ancillary materials like Instructor Materials for Collections content?

Yes. If ancillary materials exist for the content you’ve selected they’ll be automatically added to your “My Library” page after you’re done building your project.

The title I want isn’t available in Compose. What should I do?

If there are no results for your search you’ll be prompted to send a message to Cengage. We’ll investigate and get in touch to follow up.

Building a Project

What field(s) should be filled out so my project gets assigned to the right person?

Your project is automatically submitted based on your SSO account settings.

I’m building a Compose project and want to add more content. How do I do it?

Just keep searching. You can add all the chapters from a book by clicking the ‘Add All Chapters’ button under the title of the book. Individual chapters can be added by clicking the ‘Add This Chapter’ button or by dragging the chapter into your project.

I want to remove content from my Compose project but don’t know how.

Click the black X icon next to the chapter to remove it from your project.

Can I add OWM (original works materials) to my project?

Yes. If you click the ‘Upload My Content” you’ll be redirected to a page where you can upload and provide details around your OWM.

I’m done adding content to my project. What do I do now?

Click the ‘Next’ button that appears at the upper right of your screen. You’ll be redirected to a screen where you can select a cover, put the finishing touches on your book, and submit it to publish.

Oops. I hit PUBLISH but I just realized I need to fix something.

Shortly after submitting your project you’ll be contacted by a Cengage Customer Project Manager. They’ll work with you to review the project and make any necessary changes. If you haven’t been contacted yet you can reach out to use through the “Contact Us” page. Be sure you include any relevant project information (Compose project ID) and we will promptly respond.

Book Binding

What binding options are available in Compose?

There are three binding options available.

  1. Perfect: Standard softcover binding option where a thin strip of glue is applied to the spine of the book
  2. Spiral: Instead of glue the spine is held together with a plastic spiral
  3. Looseleaf: No binding. Pages are loose. Each book is shrinkwrapped to ensure contents don’t get lost prior to delivery.

Is there a maximum or minimum page count?

The minimum page count is 50 and the maximum is 1500.

What is a running head?

Running heads are thin bands of text that appear at the top of each page. In Compose the running head contains the title of the chapter.


Is the price displayed in Compose the final price for my students?

No, the price displayed is the estimated net price. It might fluctuate slightly but we do our best to make it as accurate as possible.


How do I proof my project in Compose?

All proofing is done online through the Compose website. You can view a proof by clicking the ‘Preview My Project’ button at the bottom of your project window.

I want a colleague to see my project. Can I send it to them?

Yes, there’s a link under your project in MY LIBRARY that allows you to share it with others. Locate your project in the Published Projects section and click on the link that says "Share my book". Enter the email addresses of the recipient(s), type a message and hit send.

Some of the pages in my book have text/image suppressions. What’s up with that?

Suppressions are applied to content if there’s a rights or permissions issue. Please speak to your Cengage Custom Project Manager if you are concerned about the suppressed content.

Something doesn't look right. What should I do?

Reach out to your Cengage Custom Project Manager or send us a message via the “Contact Us” page with your Compose Project ID and the issue that’s causing concern.


I’m done building my project. Does that mean my book is printing?

Not yet. Shortly after submitting your project you’ll be contacted by a Cengage Custom Project Manager to finalize your project specifications.

I just realized there’s a mistake in my book but I think it’s already being printed. What should I do?

Reach out to your Cengage Custom Project Manager. They can make the necessary changes to your project. You can also reach us by sending a message with your Compose Project ID via the “Contact Us” page.